Whether you are traveling to Marrakech, Casablanca or simply want a change of scenery, get out of the big cities and enjoy the hinterland that a majority of visitors never see. In the vicinity of the province of Settat is one of the most beautiful climbing and hiking sites in the Casablanca-Settat region. Located 1h45 from Casablanca and Marrakech, the Ain Belmesk estate presents a dazzling natural setting of gorges and diverse flora around climbing routes and a mountain bike hiking park.

Whether you like the sun or the shade, the site of Ain Belmesk offers you different routes exposed to the sun and others shaded in order to fully enjoy your experience. You can even cool off after your day of climbing at the foot of the Ain Belmesk waterfalls.

The fauna of the Ain Belmesk park is very rich, there are water turtles as well as snakes in the rocks but which do not present any danger to visitors. As for the flora, there are cacti around the estate as well as in the village of Ouled Bouziri and eucalyptus trees in the forest of Ain Belmesk.

Where is Ain Belmesk Park?

Ain Belmesk Park is located between the cities of Casablanca and Marrakech in the province of Settat. To get there from these two cities, you will need 1h45min by car. You can also take the train to the city of Settat by train and then go to Ain Belmesk by car (45 min from Settat).

The nearest train station to Ain Belmesk is that of the village of Machraà Ben Abbou.

Remark : The site is closed each year during the month of May. It is the period of the pilgrimage of the Moroccan Jewish community to the sanctuary of Rebbi Braham Aouriouer in the forest of Dadh near the Belmesk source.

Some routes are closed during the nesting period of the kestrels that are installed in the gorges. (from March)


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