The Rabat Zoo is a 27-hectare national zoological park located in the capital of Morocco. This national heritage holds about 1500 plant species and 2000 animals of which 190 are African species and the largest number of lions of the Atlas in captivity. There are also 21 species of lizards, 13 species of snakes, 3 species of amphibians and about 40 species of reptiles in this park.

The zoological park of Rabat will make you dive into a purely African experience by discovering these five biozones starting with a discovery trip of the animals of the mountains of the Atlas to see the lions of the Atlas, the mouflons, the foxes as well as the barbarian macaques.

Then, you will pass by the biozone of the desert in which you will discover the red-necked ostriches, the Addax, the fennecs, the Dama Mohrr gazelles as well as the Sulcata tortoises.

The third biozone is the rainforest, here you will find servals, Patas monkeys, Mandrills, Bald Ibis and many other animals that live in a tropical climate.

After touring the rainforest, it is time to see the animals of the savannah such as Grant’s Zebra, Golden Eagle, African Elephant, Giraffe, Wild Dog, Doguera Baboon, Rhinoceros and many other animals that will take you on a real trip to the African savanna.

There are also animals that live in wetlands. In Rabat Zoo you will have the opportunity to see hippos, crocodiles, flamingos and also white pelicans and many other animals that live in these areas.

This park will allow you to live a real experience of travel-discovery of the African continent through a space in which the animals feel like home. Explanatory posters will allow you to better understand the environment in which the animals live and the animal wealth of Morocco and the African continent.

Within the zoo of Rabat is a museographic course in which visitors can discover the paleontological heritage of Morocco and the history of animal occupation in the country.

The Vivarium

The Vivarium is a space of 1700 m2 that allows visitors to discover several species of reptiles from Africa. From Morocco to Madagascar, the Vivarium will make you discover the richness of African biodiversity.

Rabat Zoo opening hours

Open from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 5:30pm

Prices and rates of Rabat Zoo

  • Adult: 50 dhs
  • Child (from 3 to 12 years old): 30 dhs per day
  • Children under 3 years old: free
  • Family: (2 adults and 2 children): 140 dhs
  • Student: 40 dhs
  • Person with reduced mobility: 20 dhs
  • School outing: 20dhs per person (20 people maximum)


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